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Alumni Spotlight: Yumna Khan, Class of 2005

Yumna Khan is an outgoing, creative producer and co-founder of Stranger Magic Productions! Khan is a member of New Horizon, Irvine’s class of 2005, and cites her experience at New Horizon for her attachment and love for the American Muslim community. “Without New Horizon, I don’t think I would be as proud to be an American Muslim as I am right now and to do something about it.”

Khan reflects back on her time at New Horizon as something she still holds dear today. “Big Rock Creek was my first time away from home and made me feel older, and so independent. I loved the pranks and the fun we had together. We still talk about our camping experience until now. My best friend is Janna Soliman, I met her when I was ten years old, and now she is a teacher at New Horizon!”

When asked about advice Khan would give to current students, she says to “enjoy your time here. When you leave New Horizon you will miss your surroundings. Everyone is family at the school. “

“New Horizon made me stand up for who I am. New Horizon helped me accept where I came from and prepared me to be proud of my faith. Of course we learned Islamic Studies and everything, but it was more than that. You are in a school and surrounded by everyone who believes in the same things you do. You can’t get that in a textbook. Being around so many people who believe in the same thing but come from different cultures, and traditions. We are still united and equal in the same.”

Khan graduated in 2015 from UCSD with a degree in Communications Studies. Since graduating from New Horizon, Khan has produced a film series called Unfair and Ugly and is currently fundraising to film the first season of her show. “The reason I’m going back into production and make content that is relatable is so that kids don’t grow up being embarrassed of where they come from. That is why we need media representation, so that more people can have the same name as someone on a show. To have a similarity with someone you are watching on TV. “

Khan has 8 days left to make her show a reality. “We need YOUR help to make this show a reality. If you want to see a show where someone looks like you & talks like you then now is your chance to make that happen. I need you all to take action by contributing with whatever you can & sharing this amongst your friends. Help us start this movement with MORE media representation. We need it more than ever right now.”

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